Fine handcrafted musical instruments by Bryant Rees.  We specialize is unique instruments you dont find at your everyday music store.  The finest quality built harps, made with maticulous attention to detail and projecting sound quality and tone comparable and exceeding the best harps in the world.  Every instrument is a one of a kind piece of art.  Our dulcimer guitars, which we call Tonesticks, are sure to bring joy to anyone that lays their hands on them, with their easy to use lightweight design, anyone can obtain immediate satisfaction within the first few minutes of experimernting with them.  Unlike most stringed instruments, Tonesticks keep you inspired to have fun with an instrument instead of it feeling like work.  They are so compact and lightweight in design they are the perfect travel instrument, especially for camping, hiking, backpacking and going to the beach.  We also handcraft pendants out of unique woods and materials mixed with resins and crushed semi-precious stones.