I traveled around the world selling my artwork for over 10 years. Presenting my pieces on every continent except Antarctica. I began making micro-macrame in 2010, weaving semiprecious stones with Brazilian waxed string. This technique does not involve any tools, it is not crochet, it is purely handwork and knotting. My wire wrapping is crafted with jewelry grade copper beneficial for circulation. Every gemstone has different properties in relation to the Chakras. I incorporate healing elements into my work, tying my interests in medicine and art, two subjects I believe to have a strong relation. I was trained as an acupuncturist in Australia and Indonesia. I source only natural gemstones from reliable sources and strictly use quality gems. Every ancient culture used gemstones for healing purposes, including Mayans, Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Tibetan, and Inca.

I began my journey with ceramics in the US at University. I continued my investigation into the art in Kalimantan Indonesia where I apprenticed with traditional craftsmen. I later lived in Jingdezhen China, the porcelain capital where I completed another residency and apprenticeship. In 2019-2020 I was working primarily with ceramic sculpture from my studio in Cairo, Egypt. I relocated to Portland Oregon in 2020 where I have been working with local clay on the wheel and in ceramic sculpture. All my ceramic work is hand painted with underglaze pigment. I never use decals or shortcuts. Usually, the painting takes longer than the production of the piece. I use a very fine brush and only paint with the very tip of the brush. This is a technique I learned while studying traditional Buddhist painting at Danba Rao Dan Thangka Institute while living in Lhasa, Tibet PRC.

My paintings are heavily influenced by surrealist style and encoded in symbolism. My extensive travel and independent research have been fundamental to my inspiration and artistic vision. As I moved across the planet over the past 15 years, I studied the language and philosophy of every country that I lived in. I enjoy incorporating cuneiform into my visual art pieces. I speak fluent Mandarin and Spanish in addition to holding a certificate in Tibetan. I frequently include Chinese characters and idioms in my paintings. I paint primarily in oil and watercolor. Prints of my oil paintings and original watercolors are available at my booth.