I've been sculpting with felt for six years now, and drawing since I was too young to remember. In both mediums I try to emphasize expressiveness, color, and form over technical perfection or realism. My focus is on conveying motion and mood, bringing my subjects to life without necessarily prioritizing realism. I want to create artworks that both express and give me escape from my life as a queer and neurodivergent artist, to capture the joys and struggles I face each day.

My sculptures are typically 1x1x1ft or smaller, the perfect size for a mantelpiece or knick knack shelf. I like to depict fantastical and surreal creatures, based on real animals but made colorful, whimsical and unique. They're all one of a kind, hand made from 100% wool, except those that have wire skeletons for poseability.

My painting prints come in a few sizes, mostly 5"x7" or 8"x10" for easy framing. I like to depict graceful women and flowing landscapes, fantastical and peaceful scenes, though new subjects are always catching my interest. I make most of my paintings digitally, hand drawn with a tablet and painting software. All the prints and stickers I bring to market are printed by local Portland print shops!