Meet Your Maker
Hey Now! I'm Jennifer Davis, self-confessed turquoise and sterling silver addict (my motto is: #yesyouneedmoreturquoise). I'm a SoCal native living in the breathtaking PNW for 20+ years with my husband, Cary. I have two grown children - Forest and Lily. I've been making jewelry for over 30 years and began silversmithing in 2017.

The Handmade Difference
Using an intuitive design process inspired by nature and music, I handcraft one-of-a-kind jewelry with an OG hippie vibe for the individual who desires not only high-quality materials and craftsmanship, but connection, authenticity, and soul in the jewelry they wear. I love each stage of the fabrication process. I use sterling and fine silver to handforge jewelry, combining traditional metalsmithing techniques with thoughtfully curated natural turquoise and Mexican Fire Opal. I use a torch and simple tools to give each piece I create a rustic, organic feel that shows evidence of the two human hands that have lovingly created each piece of wearable art. I immerse myself in every part of the process: design and sketching, stone choice, soldering, fusing, reticulation, sawing, bezel making, stone setting, filing and polishing. No two pieces are alike or able to be perfectly replicated again.

It will never be lost on me that there's an environmental cost to this business. Our gemstones are handpicked for quality, our sterling silver is 100% recycled and/or third-party-certified ethically mined. I promise to always look for ways to be better.

Where To Find Us At The Portland Saturday Market
Forestlily Designs is a member at the famous Portland Saturday Market in Oregon. I'm a Reserved Space member for 2023 and when in attendance you can find Forestlily Designs on the Ankeny side of the market, on Naito Pkwy, at the corner by the Fire Station - Space #917. Please refer to our website's Event Calendar during peak art festival season (June-October) for market & art festival updates.