We make hand carved oil candles/lanterns.  We use 100- 300 lb Flagstone slabs that are hand carved using only hammers and chisels, hand selected Crystals from Morocco, personally selected some of the most exquisite Amethyst Crystals, at times we use Thunder Egg slabs from Oregon as well as various Fossils from the Atlas Mts., exotic Petrified Woods from Madagascar, and amazing Brazilian Agates.  We purchase most of our exotic stones directly from the people who do the initial unearthing of them.  There are indoor and outdoor lanterns available. Drops of  Aroma therapy oil, plant based essential oils, candle fragrance oils, and soap fragrance oils mixed with the paraffin, put directly into the reservoirs is a fantastic addition to enjoy your favorite aromas. You may burn any outdoor oil outside. We use wicks that are fiberglass, so they last and last and they hold their flame well in the wind to achieve this simply push the wick higher. They make an interesting and amazing gift idea. They appeal to candle lovers, rock lovers alike, as well as others, do to the wonderful way they tantalize several senses, sight, smell and touch.   They also help create Romance, Relaxation, enhance ambiance by smell, and sight. Everyone could use more romance and calmness in their lives.