My name is Cici and I'm a painter and musician living in a yurt, surrounded by the magnificence of the Columbia River Gorge. During the week, I do my best to translate the wonder that I feel surrounded by this wild beauty into bright, bold acrylic paintings on canvas. Then on the weekends, I take a deep breath and head into town, either to play music for the humans, or sell my paintings, prints and cards at the Saturday Market.

I have always been a painter, but music was my main gig for over 40 years. Recently I've started flipping that equation, and the Portland Saturday Market is my first real foray into putting my visual art into the world. I LOVE it when I sell a painting or a print, but I also get high just seeing people engage with a piece, especially if it ends up in a deep, intimate conversation. (It happens a lot!). Art is magical that way.

I like to think that I am infecting the world with the joy, clarity and peace that I find in nature every time I send my artwork home to live with somebody. It is my greatest joy.