All my work is made from scratch, from Pacific Northwest Clays, and I mix all the glazes myself, and I am proud to say it is the only time I follow a recipe. Ah hem.

Most of my work is hand thrown using a wheel that was manufactured in Portland. Then there's some trickery getting the pots to dry right, by dressing up the pottery in plastic clothes, and before they know it, they find themselves in a kiln, not once, but twice. The kiln's also made in Portland, so it makes it up to Cone 6 (2235 degrees) even in rainy weather. Then we wait, and silently pray the Kiln Gods won't demand a sacrifice.

The thing I love about making pottery is its core coolness. When you can dig clay from Earth itself, spin it about, fire it up all orange hot into a gracefully magnificent, bewitching thing, that becomes a steady, quiet member of a family's inner circle, for generations, I feel phenomenal, like a really great guitar riff, or Freddy Mercury at Live Aid 1985." -- Bruce Castle