Applications are always open

Our Product Review Committee (PRC) is made up of current members of the market and meets every week during the season to go over applications.

Click here for our online application! Please bear with us as we work out any hiccups in the process, if you're having trouble, please send a screenshot to [email protected] and we'll do our best to help.

The Prospective Vendor Manual is a must-read document that details the guidelines and submission requirements for each specific product line.

A few key details

  • You (the business owner(s)) must design and make the craft or food yourself.
  • Have at least three photos ready for your application, including photos that show your design process.

Craft Guidelines


Food Guidelines

All Products
Coming Soon*
Craft Booth Appearance

*Food Court Vendors must submit a physical application. We are working on updating the process. For now, please email us and request an application, or come by the info booth on Saturdays.