Nationally recognized as the largest continuously operating open-air arts and crafts market in the country, Portland Saturday Market (PSM) is proud to provide a marketplace for local small businesses creating handmade arts, crafts, and foods from the Pacific Northwest. Every vendor is carefully screened with a commitment to creating a diverse marketplace with the highest quality products available.

Market Season: March 4 - December 23, 2023 (Saturdays ONLY until further notice)

Applications are always open

Our Product Review Committee (PRC) is made up of current members of the market and meets every week during the season to go over applications.

Find Out If You Qualify

Portland Saturday Market features locally made artisan-quality arts, crafts, and foods that are designed, produced, and sold by the vendor. Therefore, PSM will not accept the following items: 

  • Crafts created from kits
  • Booths used primarily for lead generation
  • Products with offensive messages/imagery
  • Crafts assembled entirely from commercial components
  • Items exclusively created from commercially made foods
  • Items with blatant copyright infringement issues
  • All THC and Kratom products, and edible CBD products

You (the business owner(s)) must DESIGN and make the craft or food yourself.

Non-Food Court Application Process:

Application to the Portland Saturday Market is completed in two steps: 

    1. The Written Application
      1. Read our for all sections relevant to your craft(s).
      2. Take notes on how you meet each of our guidelines for the relevant craft(s).
      3. Take photos of your designs, workshop, and you physically making your products for each of your product lines. This needs to show that you have designed and made the products. 
      4. Make sure to include your notes on how you meet each of our specific guidelines.
      5. Put this information into a PDF ready to upload (to "licenses" on our  page--is their tutorial).
      6. Use or create your account to apply to our market.
    2. The Onsite Application: This will be a full day of set-up and selling at the Market.
      1. If your application is accepted, we will send you further details about attending the market.
      2. New Applicants will receive an email following their first day of set-up that specifies their application status and instructions for their next steps.

Written applications are juried weekly during our open Market season.

Applicants will receive an email containing jury results, feedback, and instructions for the next steps within three weeks of submitting their application. Jury results may include a request for more information or an invitation to complete your application onsite.

If invited to continue the application process, vendors may schedule their first selling day as early as the Saturday immediately following jury results. Please note that jury results are valid for up to one year after the jury date.

Onsite applications are a necessary step in the process for the Product Review Committee to verify information, ask questions, and confirm eligibility. An invitation to set up onsite does NOT constitute approval for membership. Although PSM reserves unconditional discretion to accept or refuse anyone as a vendor, the selection process takes into consideration many factors based on the information and products submitted for consideration using PSM's general jury criteria and business entity eligibility guidelines.

New Vendor Orientation

All new vendors are required to attend a new vendor orientation before selling. Orientation is offered every Friday of the season via Zoom. Accepted vendors may choose to attend orientation any Friday before selling. During orientation, new vendors meet with current members to review the basic market rules and regulations and may use the time to ask any remaining questions. 

Portland Saturday Market Membership

New vendors start selling as Probationary Fill-in Vendors. Probationary vendors and their products are on probation for a minimum of four (4) selling days. During probation, the Product Review Committee members will visit your booth to check in with you and review your products. At the end of the probationary period, new vendors will be notified by email once their status has changed.

Where Do I Start?

The  is a must-read document that details the guidelines and submission requirements for each specific product line. Please do not begin the application process before reading the guidelines that pertain to your craft. It is outdated but still has important information--the pricing is INCORRECT.

As of 2023, our prices are as follows:

Daily Selling Fee $80.

Monthly Membership Fee: For fill-in members, this year it varies from $120 to $20 a month based on rank.

While on probation, the monthly membership fee is tied to the lowest fill-in membership fee and is $20.

As of July 2023, most members passing probation are at the $60 to $45 fill-in membership price.

Please bear with us as we work out any hiccups in the process, if you're having trouble, please email [email protected] and we'll do our best to help.

Once you have submitted an application, keep an eye on your spam for emails from us.

NOTE: If you have previously emailed "apply" instead of "info" please forward your email to info or try again.'

Food Court Application Process:

  1. Check to make sure the market does not already have a vendor selling the same food as you in the food court.
    1. If we do, and you want to apply as a packaged food vendor instead (no duplication rights), see the instructions for that above instead.
  2. Gather all relevant licenses and documents needed.
  3. Make a list of which of your ingredients are hand-made by you, and which ones you purchase.
    1. If your products do not meet our minimum requirements (fresh and handcrafted) we recommend looking into the other markets across the MAX tracks from us.
  4. Use or create your account to apply to our market.
  5. The Food tasting: If you are invited to apply in person, the Food Committee will reach out to schedule with you.
    1. If your application is accepted, we will send you further details about attending the market.
    2. New Applicants will receive an email following their first day of set-up that specifies their application status and instructions for their next steps.

The   is our most recent version of the form for a non-digital application.