At bd dombrowsky Art;  you will find a collection of thoughtful, silly, social, snarky, or just plain pretty images.  My paintings are created in oil, using lessons gleaned from the old masters. I start with an idea and a piece of cradled Birch panel, repeatedly primed and sanded to create a luxuriously smooth surface.  This highly refined surface allows for images with exceptional detail and line quality.  Next an underpainting is executed in classic burnt sienna/umber tones; then layer after layer of thin colored glazes are applied over the under painting.  This application of thin layers of transluscent medium, allows for the white of the panel to inform colors from behind; making them more bright, and vibrant.  This is a meticulous and time consuming process, paintings routinely take hundreds of hours, but the results are a rich, visually compelling piece that also makes a great print.

My giclees are printed on 100% archival cotton rag, with archival ink, and packaged in archival packaging.  When properly cared for they will be an heirloom that will last for generations.