Applied Arcana exists to provide each one of us with the tools, training, support, and supplies that we need to make magic more of a mainstay in our daily lives. Especially in today's tech-driven world, it can be easy to forget that we have access to the guidance of our intuition and that the natural world is filled with plant, animal, and mineral allies and ancient archetypes with wisdom to share, if we only take the time to listen.

The products I sell at Applied Arcana are intended to help you remember to follow your heart and center your own intentions and intuition in your decisions and your life—and to look and feel good doing it! From hand-sewn tarot bags made with high-quality contemporary fabrics, salvaged vintage deadstock, and silky linings to herbal balms and salves infused with the healing essences of plants and crystals, you can find something to support your meditative, wellness, occult, or tarot practice at my booth...or the supplies you need to get started!

My tarot reading services are designed to be accessible, inclusive, and affirming. I endeavor to meet each person who sits down at my table exactly where they are, using my intuition, my eight years of experience as a reader, and the stories that are contained in the tarot cards to provide guidance and insight that leaves you empowered to face what really matters in your life with a sense of direction and purpose.

If you're not quite sure if tarot reading is your thing, stop by for a free single card reading and I'll be happy to share a little bit of my magic with you to make your visit to the Portland Saturday Market a bit more memorable! I'm around most Saturdays, under the bridge. Can't wait to meet you!