1. How did you get started in your particular craft medium(s)?

I started colored pencil when I had had my second baby. It was a medium that I could leave out safely and didn't have to worry about drying times.

2. Where do you draw influence from?

My favorite era in art history is the Dutch Golden Age. I love their still-lifes, portraits, and dramatic lighting. I am also influenced by current food blogger photography and commercial photography compositions.

3. What is the difference between PSM and other markets?

It's crazy huge for a weekly market AND it is open most of the year!

4. How would you describe the difference between "arts" and "crafts"?

Art traditionally is thought of as an artist's expression incarnate and craft is the making of things in a skilled way. I honestly think they overlap. The true artist has both expression and skill and the same goes for craftsman!

5. What’s your favorite thing in the world right now?

Time. Time to do art, time to be with my family and friends. Time to hike and be in nature.

6. How long have you sold your wares at PSM? What encouraged you to apply/ keeps you vending with us now?

This is my 5th season at PSM. I moved here from New England and went to the market as a customer and applied that week. I used to do galleries which are overly formal. I love how laid back and friendly the market is.

Nicole Claulfield

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