1. How did you get started in your particular craft medium(s)?

Jewelry has always held a certain appeal to me. The small scale and attention to detail draws me in more than other mediums.When I was in middle school some friends and I reverse engineered a hemp necklace and started selling our own pieces at the local health food store. Once I got a taste of selling something I had made, other lines of work seemed less appealing. I love how owning my own business gives me the opportunity to pick my own tasks and to explore many other aspects of my creativity not only through the creation of the work itself, but with the many projects a business of this type requires.

2. Where do you draw influence from?

My work is a process of evolution. Subtle changes in my designs over the years have led to the product I’m currently selling. Watching what colors the people I see are wearing at the market has an impact on my work, but I also watch what people react to. Tastes change with the season, so I offer a different pallet to reflect the time of year and the mood.

3. What is the difference between PSM and other markets?

The nearly year-round nature of the Portland Saturday Market makes it unlike other venues. It creates a sense of community among the vendors and with the people of Portland.

4. How would you describe the difference between "arts" and "crafts"?

I would say “art” is the practice or display of the mastery of your medium or something you draw from inside yourself that is actualized out of a need for expression, whereas “craft” is a more of a creative exercise with a product or casual creation as the end result.

5. What’s your favorite thing in the world right now?

My favorite thing in the world right now is my seven-month-old son. How could anything compete with that?

6. How long have you sold your wares at PSM? What encouraged you to apply/ keeps you vending with us now?

I started vending at the Portland Saturday Market in 2008 after trying many other annual shows. The opportunity to sell my work so close to home on a regular basis in the heart of a city I love was everything I was looking for. The feedback I get from being able to show my work as it progresses to the customers every week has really helped me develop my style as I experiment with different directions to take my line. It has enabled me to grow my business at my own pace while preserving a measure of flexibility in my life. I love what I do and can’t imagine my life without the Portland Saturday Market or the people I’ve met there.

Prairie Besore

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