Roads End Pottery

1. How did you get started in your particular craft medium(s)?

In 1973, after frustration with the coursework of electrical engineering, I stumbled into my brother's ceramics class and was quickly swept away by the enjoyable experience of creating something tangible with my hands. I enjoy the fun of interacting with people (selling at the market), making something real, and connecting back to the earth with this medium. 

2. Where do you draw influence from?

 Nancy Travers, Charley Piatt, and my brother Brian Hough have been my primary mentors. I also take inspiration from nature and the environment and put those impressions into my pieces. We have some Japanese … and Wabi-Sabe influences, which is the appreciation and celebration of the perfection that lies within the imperfections of each piece and in life.

3. What is the difference between PSM and other markets?

The Portland Saturday Market is unique in how long it has been a pillar of the culture of Portland. The Market - and our loyal customers - have supported artists consistently for forty-five years. It supported me to put two children through college and own property in the this beautiful state. It's also beautiful that the person in the booth can tell the story of the product. The soul of the art and craft is passed on verbally and directly from artist to recipient. There is a lot of love at the PSM.

4. How would you describe the difference between "arts" and "crafts"?

My belief is that a mastery of a medium is when one attains craftsmanship. While Art is being able to put individuality, soul, or feeling into a piece. I believe that my Art pots are ones that capture a moment of movement and color never to be seen again in the exact same form.

5. What’s your favorite thing in the world right now?

There is a book called THE INNER MATRIX - written by Joey Klein. It provides a system for personal and spiritual development called Conscious Transformation. This excites me more than anything. And the reason I'm building a new studio in Sisters, Oregon is to be part of the

Conscious Transformation community there. Conscious Transformation has changed my life on all levels mentally,emotionally,physically and spiritually. 

6. How long have you sold your wares at PSM? What encouraged you to apply/ keeps you vending with us now?

I've been a vendor here since 1977. We continue to vend at The Portland Saturday Market because we have great customers that continue to support us to create our art. The vendors are like family and we have all grown together. We are excited to see how the market will evolve in the future. I love meeting the people who wander into my booth … connecting with them … hearing their stories. And every time I sell one of my pots … I feel I've just been commissioned - to go make another one.

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