Portland Peppermill Company

7 Things to Know About Our Grinders & Why they are among the Best in the World

  1. Our salt & pepper mills are individually handcrafted on a wood lathe in Portland, Oregon, from locally salvaged trees.
  2. We sourced the absolute highest quality grinding mechanismavailable on Planet Earth; it’s called CrushGrind and is made by a company in Denmark.
  3. This mechanism is made from baked ceramic, which never dulls, corrodes, or wears out.
  4. Every Portland Peppermill Co. grinder comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.
  5. Our mills are designed to grind Salt & Pepper or any other spice you choose.
  6. There are 14 coarseness settings, allowing you to consistently achieve your desired grind, from super fine to extra coarse.
  7. Every mill comes elegantly packaged with instructions for usage, warranty, and care.