Mountain Mel's Essential Goods has a booth full of the essentials for your PNW outdoor adventures.  From natural organic bug sprays, to sunburn skin care, sore muscle balms, and first aid salves, these are the goods you want to pack into your camping gear or back pack for your next adventure!

We've also got a delicious healthful array of all organic medicinal herbal teas.  All of our teas are formulated to not only taste amazing, but to enhance your health and well being!  We've got teas to help with mental clarity & focus, stress relief, heart health, digestive health, hormonal balancing, pregnancy health, colicky irritable teething babies, the general pleasure and enjoyment of a cup of tea, and so much more.  All of our teas are caffiene free, loose leaf herbal blends.  We feel that being able to see the plants and herbs you are taking in allows you to form a greater connection to the plant medicine and the gifts of this lovely planet!

Everything made at Mountain Mel's Essential Goods is hand crafted in the foothills of Mount Hood!  We only use locally sourced, organically grown, or ethically wild harvested plants and oils.  We strive to inspire people to take better care of our planet through taking better care of themselves!  One cup of tea, or one outdoor adventure at a time!