Where do you go if you want a well thought out, well crafted, super stylish wallet made entirely out of duct tape?  jDUCT of course! Jen of jDUCT has spent the last 8 years perfecting the duct tape wallet, and has created the ultimate wallet that combines maximum functionality with total sleekness.  If you hang out by the jDUCT booth for the afternoon, you will hear things like: "I've seen duct tape wallets before, but not like this!"; or "These are the best duct tape wallets I've ever seen!"; or "You've taken duct tape wallets to a whole different level!"  You will also definitely hear people laugh, chuckle, and even sometimes squeal with delight when they peruse the many different designs.  The designs run anywhere from cute, to funny, to edgy, all the way down to slightly naughty.  If you are curious about how in the world someone can fold and finagle duct tape into a wallet, stop by and watch Jen crank out the wallets in her one-woman sweat shop!  See you at the market!