I have been pounding, bending and playing with sterling silver and fire for 20 years. Creating affirmative adornment is the mission behind my work. It is delightful when a person comes across a piece of jewelry that I have made and finds a message that touches them. A treasure is discovered! I feel inspired to make artwork that gives people a message of strength, helps them to regain their center and trust in themselves. Time and time again I am blessed to hear incredible stories from customers who have been deeply touched by a simple adornment and have had great joy in giving this work as gifts to others. I learned the basics of jewelry making from a dear friend. In her life she carried with her a great commitment to both excellence in craftsmanship and spreading love and light. My work carries on that spirit using my own creative expressions. I have returned to my native Oregon roots and have been selling my wares online, at little boutiques, in galleries around the country and at the Portland Saturday Market where I shopped throughout childhood. I appreciate simplicity of design and create pieces with the intention that they may be dressed up or down and worn with ease anytime.  I am excited to announce that my partner Rob is apprenticing with me and we are joining our creative forces to expand this work. Take a moment to see how jewelry can speak to you.