My name is Steve Duque, founder of Duque Skate Art. I was born in Providence and have lived in RI all my life up until September when I relocated to Portland for LOVE.

I have been skateboarding for more than half my life, 18 years this month. My passion for skating only intensified when Duque Skate Art was established in September of 2012, in DownCity Providence, RI. Everything is 100% Locally Handmade by me.

83% of the decks used are my personal skateboards that I have bought, set up, shredded, and broken or worn down. The other 17% are all donated to me by other local skaters. I (Upcycle) repurpose the material that would normally be thrown away, into SkatePens, Key Chains, Back Scratchers, Bottle Openers, Jewelry and Skoasters (coasters).
Thank you all for showing interest in my Art and supporting me, I truly appreciate you all and look forward to seeing you in the Spring.