J.R. Slattum is a self-taught artist, his work entering a visionary surreal world. After a near-death experience in 2007, inspired by a personal enlightenment, Slattum fell into a world of paint. Using the point of the paintbrush as a focus, he views the process of creating as his meditation. His subjects gravitate towards anything that may answer those great philosophical Why's of The Universe, from quantum physics to metaphysics, mythology to psychedelics. In his art, he invites his viewers to question their beliefs, to travel inward, and to find their own answers within. Working from his studio in Portland, Oregon, his work is collected internationally, thanks to a deep following. " The Shaman brings back visions, that bring the viewers' mind to that place… to travel there, to invoke, to experience. The Shaman doesn't draw…. he only sees, he listens… then creates from this. From outward to inward, then inner to outter… the breath, the heart beat. As above, so below. So deeply familiar. It is not art unless it creates a universe of thought in the mind of the viewer"