My current series of paintings are what I describe as narrative still lifes. Utilizing elements from my childhood--specifically candy and toys--I create mini-stories through a single image, the storytelling is as integral as the visual technique. What began as a way to make myself laugh, has quickly become an opportunity to share that humor and those laughs with others.

Half of the fun for me is coming up with the stories. One of the intentions in my work is to soften the seriousness behind art and art making, infusing it with fun and a solid craft. It delights me to be able to make artwork that inspires playfulness and share it with others, to express silliness with a refined technique. My hope is that my art inspires all people to stay connected to their inner child and continue to play.

I mainly sell prints, cards and magnets in my booth, however there are also originals available. Please contact me for purchase or stop by the booth.



I was raised in Los Angeles and have been making art since I was a kid, always drawing, painting, and making up stories. My influences derive not just from fine art, but from such diverse areas as film, music and performance.

I attended California Institute for the Arts for animation and worked in the animation field for a number of years. Animation proved to be a continuation of my education in drawing and design, while at the same time influencing the craft and narrative in my paintings.


Roxanne Patruznick

Original oil paintings; framed mounted prints (mounted); unframed prints (giclees); greeting cards

Original oil paintings; framed mounted prints (mounted); unframed prints (giclees); greeting cards