There have always been many antlers in my collection of feathers, rocks and other items of interest found along the trails. When I discovered that they make a great carving medium I started experimenting with different ideas. I have been looking for an outlet for my creative energies and this was the perfect fit.

After the antlers have stood strong through one season, they are cast off only to grow more striking the next year. Those left behind, are what we use for our work. All parts of them are reclaimed and reimagined in different forms, to be enjoyed by the new bearer of them. The impressive story the material holds, gives each piece meaning and the finished work endures as a token of the wild, a link to nature.

Each piece is an original that is carefully made from scratch and by hand. Working with this incredible natural material has been a continual challenge and a satisfying creative outlet.

Responsibly gathering shed antlers has no negative impact on our wild lands and does not harm wild life. Ours are sourced from individuals who forage for them woods and fields. Many have come from friends, such as one whose family gathers them on their land on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains.

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