Since setting up in Portland in 2014, our aim is to marry fascinating ingredients, to advanced processes and producing the most interesting candy in the world.


Long known as America's "Caribbean City". New Orleans imported more bananas and tropical fruit than any other port in the United States at one time, and when the Cajuns made caramel, these fruit flavors went in too!! Browned to a golden hue with a touch of the flavor of bananas, coconuts and oranges, these treats are a taste of the sunshine and a party for your mouth. "Laissez le bon ton roulet". From the sugar cane fields of south Louisiana to your kitchen table, Steen’s pure cane syrup is one of the few remaining original “pure” food products. In 1910, Grandpa Steen didn’t have any reason to add anything to his syrup, the Steen family still feels that way today..